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February 19 – May 14, 2017 • CHANGING EXHIBITION GALLERIES

In celebration of the centennial anniversary of the National Park Service, Endangered Landscapes weaves together elements of art, education, environment and ecology through lush photographs of America’s national lands.

A veteran master landscape photographer with Native American heritage, Rick Braveheart has been the recipient of eleven artist-in-residence programs from the National Park Service. Through these programs, Braveheart is able to totally immerse himself into the natural landscape for weeks at time in order to capture vivid, lasting impressions of our disappearing lands and raise awareness about the environment before they become distant memories.

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AQUIFERious: Florida’s Springs   (Preview)

AQUIFERious: Florida’s Springs

February 19 – May 14, 2017 • CHANGING EXHIBITION GALLERIES

AQUIFERious: Florida’s Springs is a multi-media art experience in the truest sense. Based on Margaret Ross Tolbert’s award-winning book AQUIFERious, the exhibition will juxtapose Tolbert’s dramatic, large-scale springs paintings and eloquent poetry with contributing artists’ and scientists’ photographs, videos, cartography and writings. Featured will be the underwater photography by Jill Heinerth, Mark Long and Tom Morris, who have experienced the springs first hand as cave divers with landmark accomplishments in spring explorations. Also featured are maps of the springs by artist and cave diver Eric Hutcheson, along with Georgia Shemitz, showing the complex passages of the aquifer.

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East Meets West: New Japanese Traditions(Preview)

East Meets West: New Japanese Traditions
Keisuke Teshima, One Stroke Dragon Painting & Tokuma Takebe, Wood Sculpture

January 15 – August 27, 2017 • WORKS ON PAPER GALLERY

Keisuke Teshima was born in 1975 in Fukuoka, Japan. He is one of only four artists in the world to master the “One-Stroke Dragon” technique. He trained in traditional Buddhist art techniques in 2003 and began studying the “One-Stroke Dragon” style in 2011, while working as a craftsman restoring Buddhist altars. Honing his skills through daily devotion at the Buddhist monastery in Nikko, Japan, he studied with three masters of the “One-Stroke Dragon” technique. He has exhibited worldwide, with solo exhibitions in Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan and with much recent success has relocated to Kyoto, Japan, where he has opened his own gallery.

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Rattner’s Contemporaries: Paris (Preview)

Rattner’s Contemporaries in Paris

December 6 – June 4, 2017 • RATTNER PERMANENT GALLERY

Paris was considered the hub of creative expression in the 1920s and 1930s, and Abraham Rattner was in the middle of it all. Well-known artists influenced Rattner’s burgeoning style and worked alongside him. This exhibit showcases how the Parisian artists of the time influenced Rattner’s works, as well as art history as a whole, featuring works by Paul Signac, Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, Joan Miró and Abraham Rattner.

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From the Collection: Artists of Hillsborough County

On view through August 2017 • Made in Florida Gallery

Following the success of the Artists of Pinellas County exhibition, the museum proudly presents a companion show, Artists of Hillsborough County. Tampa, the principal city of Hillsborough County, largely advances visual arts through its centers of higher education, including the University of Tampa and the nationally known Graphicstudio program at the University of South Florida. These institutions attract leading artists as educators, produce successful students who find their own artistic expression and foster exploration of technical and aesthetic skills in contemporary art.

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Artistic Journeys

On view indefinitely • Rattner/Leepa/Gentle Galleries

Permanent collection of works by Abraham Rattner, Esther Gentle and Allen Leepa. These galleries chronicle a family of artists and their responses to the cultural and political events of the 20th century.